......Om Namasivaya......

Sembakkam, Arulmigu Jambugeswarar temple

This temple is one of the ancient Siva temple contemporary to Pallava Regime, which is in existence for over ten centuries. Lord Siva here represents water among the five elements of nature (Pancha Boothas). Lord Siva here is known as “Jambugeswarar”. This temple is also known as “North Thiruvanaikkaval” that is parallel to Arulmigu Jambugeswarar temple at Thiruvanaikkaval in Tiruchirappalli District.


Glory of the Temple
This temple is in existence from time immemorial, since there are vast references about this temple in other ancient legends (puranas) like Machapuranam, Koormapuranam, Vamanapuranam, Pavushiyapuranam, Lingapuranam etc.,
Arulmigu Jambugeswarar temple is situated at Sembakkam about 50 KM from Chennai, on the Chennai-Thiruporur-Chengalpet route.
As per Sthalapuranam of the temple, Indiran, Naradar, Agasthiyar, Navagrhagangal, Naga Kings like Adhishesan, Anandan, Vasuki, Karkodagan, 32 Naga Kanniargal and Sithargal (Saints) came here and worshipped Lord Jambugeswarar and other Deities.