......Om Namasivaya......
Temple Timings
10.00 AM - 12.00 PM
05.00 PM - 08.00 PM

Arulmigu Jambugeswarar temple is situated at Sembakkam about 50 KM from Chennai, on the Chennai-Thiruporur-Chengalpet route. (From Chennai to Thiruporur, the distance is 43 KM; From Thiruporur to temple 7 KM; and from Chengalpet to temple 27 KM.).

Arulmigu Jambugeswarar temple is situated in the Northeast corner of Sembakkam village on the bank of a lake in a natural atmosphere. The temple is surrounded by the lake and temple tank on the north, paddy fields on the east, Sembakkam main village and a divine mutt on the south and reserve forest and small hill on the west.

The temple is flanked on all four directions by famous temples.
On the north, Aran Amarthapuram (Anumanthapuram) – Lord Veerabadrar;
On the east, Thiruporur - Lord Kandasamy (Murugan);
On the west, Thiru Edai sooram, - Lord Thiru Edai Sooranathar; and
On the south, Thirukazhukkundram (Pachchi Theertham), – Lord Vedagireeswarar.

Moreover, there are Lord Ganesha temples on the corners of every street in the Sembakkam village. Apart from the Ganesha temples, there are lot(s) of other temples and divine mutt in the village. In ancient times, there were 33 temples, 33 tanks and 33 streets in the village. But due to climatic and natural evolvement, some of the tanks have vanished and only few more are left behind. This kind of natural environment is a unique nature of the sembakkam village which differentiates it from other villages in Tamil Nadu. Further, it goes without saying that this Sembakkam could have been a very, very famous pilgrimage centre in the ancient period.