......Om Namasivaya......
Temple Timings
10.00 AM - 12.00 PM
05.00 PM - 08.00 PM
Glory of the temple

As per Sthalapuranam of the temple, Indiran, Naradar, Agasthiyar, Navagrhagangal, Naga Kings like Adhishesan, Anandan, Vasuki, Karkodagan, 32 Naga Kanniargal and Sithargal (Saints) came here and worshipped Lord Jambugeswarar and other Deities. Therefore, the Lord Jambugeswarar is very, very powerful not only in the ancient period but also now and solve any problem of day-to-day life of the devotees on their visit to this Temple and got blessings and salvation for their sins or get out of the curse of the God/saints.

One will have the unique experience of having the blessings of Lord Siva, Natarajar and Muruga in one place at Sembakkam temple.

Lord Jambugeswarar in Sembakkam Temple represents Five Avathars of Lord Siva for Five elements namely
Earth - Lord Egambaranathar at Kancheepuram;
Water - Lord Jambugeswarar at Thiruvanaikkaval;
Fire - Lord Annamalaiar/ Arunachaleswar at Thiruvannamalai;
Air Lord Kalaththinadar at Sri Kalahasti;
Space - Lord Natarajar at Chidambaram;
Lord Natarajar in Jambugeswarar temple in Sembakkam represents Lord Natarajar’s five avathars in five sabhas, namely,
Rathina Sabai at Thiruvalangadu;
Kanaga Sabai (Ponnambalam) at Chidambaram;
Velliambala Sabai at Madurai;
Thamarai Sabai at Tirunelveli;
Chithirai Sabai at Thiru Kutralam.
Lord Muruga in Jambugeswarar Temple in Sembakkam represents six avathars in Six Hill temples in Tamil Nadu, (Arupadai veedu), namely ,
Palani (Thiruvavinankudi);
Thiruthani (Kundruthoradal);
Palamuthir Solai.

Therefore, one will have the unique experience of getting the Dharsans and blessings of Five Avathars of Lord Siva for five Elements, Five Avathars of Lord Natarajar in five Sabhas, Six Avathars of Lord Muruga in Arupadai Veedu in one place at Sembakkam Temple